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This is a consultancy that is totally committed and dedicated to paint coatings and to the coating industry in general.

It is also the most highly qualified consultancy globally to specialise in film-galvanising and in the film-galvanising industry worldwide, operating in over 60 countries.


We are a hands-on consultancy, and spend a lot of time working with clients on bridges, car plants, offshore platforms, pipelines, infrastructure and so on.

We also project-manage certain jobs to ensure a full and accurate compliance with the written specifications and all relevant accompanying activities.

We carry out normal coating inspection work, plus more specific inspections where required. This can be for failure analysis or for things like checking the level of cathodic protection on a marine structure.


We issue coating specifications for any structure or component, and have access to a very wide range of coatings and coating technology to accomodate any requirements

Specification writing

This can include applicator training, coating awareness for sales staff, the correct interpretation of specifications, the use of inspection equipment, and many other topics.

Staff training