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Film Galvanising

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The main focus is on film galvanising itself.


No other consultancy worldwide has the level of experience, knowledge and expertise with film-galvanising that we have gained over the past two and a half decades. We have worked in over 25 countries to repair, maintain, build up or ‘re-load’ hot-dip galvanised steelwork.

Here are some facts about film galvanising:


a)  It replaces hot dip galvanising on most steelwork and works extremely well on cast iron  


b)  Gives a similar strong cathodic corrosion-protection to HDG, but without the potential risk of damage or

    distortion to the steelwork from exposure to 450 degrees Centigrade of heat within the dipping bath.


c)  All film galvanising work (zinganising) is carried out at ambient temperatures.


We can advise on how to:

1)  Build up the layer-thickness of existing hot dip galvanising on any structure, whether old or new.

2)  Repair damaged hot dip galvanising, whether it is new,  old  or badly weathered, and it can be blended in.

3)  Galvanise mild steel modifications made to existing galvanised steelwork, including MIG and ARC welds.  

4)  Paint over film galvanising with a coating to give a duplex or triplex system with a very long service-life

5)  Use the zinc coating in conjunction with anodes on boat hulls or immersed steelwork to protect above and

     below the water-line.


Film Galvanising