Galvanising: advising on how to:

  • Build up the layer-thickness of existing hot dip galvanising on any structure, whether old or new.

  • Repair damaged hot dip galvanising, whether it is new, old or badly weathered.

  • Galvanise mild steel modifications made to existing galvanised steelwork

  • Paint over galvanising with a coating system to give a duplex or triplex finish


Seminars and training on the following:

  • Galvanising cast-iron or cast-steel, brass, aluminium 5000 and 6000 series

  • Using galvanising to protect bimetallic welds or couples in atmospheric or immersion locations

  • Galvanising of thin-section steelwork, including automotive shells 



  • We carry out inspections to assess the thickness of hot-dip galvanising zinc layers.

  • Where damaged or deeply scratched, to see if any area of the zinc has gone back to bare steel

  • Check sherardised bolts for pinholing or breaks in the zinc layer

  • Ensure that zinc plating has the minimum required thickness of zinc