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1.   Site surveys:          Carried out for building sites, bridges, tanks, pipelines and many other structures

2.   Aerial surveys:     Supplying comprehensive aerial photographic reports on towers and other tall structures

3.   Inspections:          Full coating inspections can be carried out on any steel structure, with detailed reporting

4.   Failure analysis:   Determining the cause of any coating failure both during and after application

5.   Electrolysis:           Analyse the damage done to steel boats through stray currents from outside sources

6.   CP surveys:            Checking the cathodic protection of boat hulls and other marine steelwork

7.   Specifications:      Compile comprehensive coating specifications for any project



Notes on specifications:


We can prepare coating specifications for both new and old structures, and always include:


1.  A comprehensive maintenance programme to ensure that the structure will achieve its designed service-life.


2.  Strict compliance with any required health and safety standards and safety conditions on site


3.  The correct and adequate selection of coating systems that will be cost-efficient to the client


4.  Coating systems that provide the service-life required by the client


5.  Provide the required performance criteria to suit the exposure conditions and any local macro-climate


6.  Compliance with all statutory requirements, including Health and Safety


7.  The contractual responsibilities regarding all persons involved in the processes of pre-cleaning, blast-cleaning,

     coating and handling of the structure/s being coated.




All specifications are written to conform with either SSPC, NACE, ISO, Swedish Association, ASTM or British Standards, or a mixture of such standards where required within the nature of the specification.


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